We believe in the mission of local journalism. We’re also a vibrant group of goobers who believe careers shouldn’t be boring. Every unique fish in this Tank brings its talent and personality to work every day!

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“Fish are friends,
not food.”

—Finding Nemo
Being a fish in the Tank is about collaboration, not competition. Our camaraderie leads to quality and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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“What about second breakfast?”

—Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
The Tank office used to have an abundant snack-and-chat culture. Since COVID, we now have virtual happy hours – so that even if we’re not together, we can still party like hobbits.

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“This is either madness, or brilliance.”

—Pirates of the Caribbean
They really go hand-in-hand. As a crazy team of creatives, we dabble in both.

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The Tank Design Team

Care to join us?

We stay pretty darn busy and are often fishing for more talented creatives to join The Tank.


Plenty of creatives are proud of their work! We're proud of ours too, but we also have some hardware to back-up that claim.




Ava Digital







If you have an idea, the Tank can help bring it to life!

Jay Yovanovich - Director of Marketing KING 5/KONG, Seattle

This band of creatives are passionate, collaborative and innovative. The Tank really excels at being strategic partners in brand, design and marketing. They actively work to elevate the overall product without losing the soul of a brand.

Janeen Vogelaar - Director of Marketing, Creative & Brand KARE 11, Minneapolis

The Tank really collaborates with our local teams to drive design and creative to the next level.

Nicole Marifioti - Marketing Director KSDK, St. Louis

The Tank has brought our level of reporting to new heights. Artists there have taken extremely complicated concepts and made them easily understandable to our audience. That kind of excellence makes a real difference.

Keith Esparros - Executive News Director 4WWL, New Orleans

The Tank helps bring our stories to life... with their innovative and creative ideas! Their designers understand all platforms and put the client first.

Cindy Chapmann - Executive Producer KARE11, Minneapolis